Saturday, November 08, 2014

CreationWise 20th Anniversary Giveaway #1

This contest has expired. See results here:

This is the 1st giveaway for the CreationWise 20th anniversary celebration and it involves some of my artwork! There will be a new giveaway each of the remaining Saturdays in the month of November 2014.

This giveaway is NOT affiliated with Facebook or Blogger in ANY way! In the video I mistakenly state the contest is on Facebook.  The 20th Anniversary Celebration is on Facebook. The giveaway is not! It is only here on my blog.

How to enter
You need to do 4 simple things:

1. Watch this 1.5 minute video and listen for the year that I sent Ken Ham a special batch of artwork in the mail. Write that down! BONUS INFO: That year is also shared in the blog posting referred to in step 2.

2. Google the words, " Lietha cover blog secret hidden Adam". It's important to get the spelling right! The top search result will contain a big secret about the original version of the book A is for Adam. Read the info in my blog about the secret and write that down!

3. What is the name of your favorite cartoonist NOT named Lietha?

4. Email me at and tell me the correct answers to steps one and two as well as your answer to step three!

You will be entered in the giveaway! There will only be 3 winners.

Contest ends next Saturday, November 15, 2014 at  9:00 AM EST.

Winners will be chosen at random.

I will announce the winners on my blog as well as contacting the winners by email.
The prizes will be shipped out the following week.

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Christy Walk said...

Dave Granlund is the name of my favorite cartoonist NOT named Lietha