Saturday, March 29, 2014

Marching Thru 30 Famous Faces - Number Twenty-eight: George Younce

I've always liked to listen to singing with excellent harmony and quartets were always a great source of such harmony. By the early 1980's I was already a fan of the Oak Ridge Boys, The Statler Brothers and others. But it was George Younce that caught my ear and brought me over to become a fan of the Cathedral Quartet. That man had a DEEP bass voice and he was an excellent singer. I had the privilege of seeing the Cathdrals live in concert three times. They were a treat to see preform. George Younce and Glen Payne were quite a team and had a long history together. They sang together for a total of about 43 years. It was sad to eventually see the Cathedrals retire in late 1999 and then shortly thereafter lose Glen Payne to cancer. George continued to sing without his best friend and then we lost George

On April 11, 2005. He and Glenn are singing together again!

I miss those guys and am so very grateful for the many audio and video recordings they left behind. What a wonderful legacy we can all still enjoy. Praise the Lord!

Here are a few must-see clips featuring George Younce and the Cathedrals:

Should You Go First/Beyond the Sunset

Hymn Medly


Mansion Over The Hilltop

Champion of Love

Boundless Love

Can He, Could He, Would He

Master Builder

George Younce Funny Moments

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