Friday, March 28, 2014

Marching Thru 30 Famous Faces - Number Twenty-seven: Michael Card

For 27 days of this month I've drawn faces that have been important to me for mostly shallow fun and entertainment reasons with only a couple exceptions. Todays caricature subject has provided me with very meaningful and worthwhile musical entertainment, worship, and Bible study. Michael Card is a singer, song writer and musician and is probably my favorite Christian music artist of all. His songs are loaded with theology, scripture and biblical teaching. I really enjoy the sound of his music, most of which he writes himself. One can listen to his CDs and study the Bible at the same time! How many Christian artists can you say that about?

I've seen Michael Card in concert at least 4 times and saw him once in Nashville signing books at a Christian book convention. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet him but just gawked from a distance. I really would love to meet him someday to tell him what a difference his ministry of music has made in my life. 

Here's a VERY small sampling of my favorite Michael Card songs:

God's Own Fool

Love Cricified Arose

The Way of Wisdom

Things We Leave Behind


El Shaddai

Poem of Your Life

Know You in the Now/Could It Be

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