Thursday, October 04, 2012

How Do You Get Your Ideas?

Today I am working on a concept for my CreationWise comic strip which is due on Friday. My usual method of jump-starting my brain to come up with ideas is to surf around online and look at different cartoons by favorite cartoonists and search for images related to the subject matter I want to deal with in my cartoon. I'll also go to web sites that have articles on the topic to give myself lots of information to use for ideas. And such was the case yesterday and today, but THE concept was playing hard to get, until I went to lunch. 

I heated my lunch in the AiG staff break room, and found the comics page in the local newspaper that is usually waiting on one of the lunch tables. I eat early to beat the crowd and enjoy the quiet. While eating my lunch and reading the comic strips, seemingly out of nowhere, THE concept hit me like a ton of bricks! Good thing I had my pad of paper and a pencil with me to capture the idea before it leaked out of my head.

Today's tips for creativity:

1. Fill your brain with lots of info on what you want to draw about.
2. Take a break from your work and relax your brain.
3. Be ready for your brain keep working as you relax and to produce the idea you're looking for!

It's funny how often I've sat glued to my office chair working hard trying to force my brain to come up with the idea I must have NOW! After all these years of cartooning, I should know that to save myself LOTS of time, I need to get up out of my chair and relax my brain to let it do it's best work. It's seems the opposite of what I should do, but that's what really works!