Saturday, February 11, 2012

No More Tears and Celeste

The After Eden cartoon for this week is a touch up and repost of an old AE from 2004. There are plenty of my old cartoons that I look back on and cringe at the art and this "No More Tears" cartoon is no exception. However, the selection of this cartoon at this time is for more than just the purpose of upgrading the art. This February 14, 2012 will mark the 2 year anniversary of the tragic automobile accident that took the life of Celeste Streutker, the daughter of Kurt & Shari Streurtker. Both Kurt & Shari worked with me at Answers in Genesis for many years. After the accident happened, I produced this After Eden cartoon in memory of Celeste.

This year I wanted to do something too, but a little more subtle. The topic of the promise of Heaven seemed very fitting as we do have that hope with Celeste as she had received Christ as Lord and Savior. I also liked that the girl is sharing the good news of the Gospel with her friend. As I made changes to the art, I did so with Celeste in mind. The girl's hair in the new version is dark like Celeste's hair. And I added a little touch of heavenly light shining on the girl too. Most readers will have no idea of the meaning of these changes, but I do and it'll remind me of Celeste for years to come.

For those that read this, please pray for Kurt & Shari and their daughter Rachele. There are still plenty of tears left for them on this side of Heaven as they grieve for Celeste. Anniversaries like this are never easy. May the God of all comfort hold them close in the days ahead. Praise the Lord for the hope of the day with no more tears.