Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Cintiq Box is RETIRED!

Quite a few postings ago, I shared my story of how, through a friend of mine, the Lord blessed me with the gift of a Cintiq. The only problem with the Cintiq was transporting it back and forth from the office to home and back again. The only way to do that was to use the box it was shipped in which was clumsy at best and the box was falling apart. See here.

That problem was solved when I found an iLugger case listed on Craig's List last month. The seller, Tad, lives in Texas and was willing to work with me on the purchase even though I was not a local buyer. So, long story short, I have a really cool and efficient case for transporting my Cintiq! Again, thank you Lord!

But the story doesn't end there. Tad, the seller, told me that he is in the Army and soon will be going to Iraq as the Public Affairs Officer for the 36th Sustainment Brigade. He'll be there over a year. That year becomes even more difficult that it normally would be because he just got married back in Febuary. He and his new bride will be honeymooning in India in June before he goes to Iraq. WOW!

I would like to invite my blog readers to pray for Tad and his wife during his time in Iraq. Thank you Tad for your sacrifice on behalf of those living in this wonderful and free country. May this upcoming time in Iraq fly by and may your return to your lovely bride be quick and sweet. Oh, and thanks again for the iLugger!

Monday, May 04, 2009

When I Grow Up I Want To Be ...

When I was little, my first profession of choice was veterinarian. I really loved animals, knew a lot about them and had a heart to make the sick ones better. That love for animals eventually began to be expressed as drawings of animals. Somewhere along the way, my love for drawing passed my love for animals and here I am, many years later, drawing for a living instead of operating on animals.

A little over a week ago, my wife had an attack of appendicitis and our little family rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital to make sure that she received swift and proper care. As my 5 year old daughter and I waited in the the waiting room, it occurred to me that I should prepare her for what may need to happen to her mommy. So I grabbed one of her beloved toy puppies (Brownie to be exact) and told her he needed surgery to make him better from a sudden illness. With the help of my lovely little and eager assistant, we then preformed a very detailed and successful operation on Brownie. And a few minutes later, by special request, another operation was preformed on Patches (Brownie's best friend). The play-surgeries were so successful, that for the next 3-4 days, I heard a constant pleading for me to play surgery on stuffed toy animals. The day of Marcia's appendectomy, Hannah and I were at home waiting for news about Marcia's surgery and Hannah created a line of animals in our living room that "needed" surgery. However, they never had the opportunity for surgery because Hannah and I were called to the hospital to see Marcia before she went under the knife herself. Thankfully, her surgery went just as well as Brownie and Patches surgeries.

My return to the veterinarian field has been fun, and hopefully, Hannah's stuffed toy animals will be the only ones in our house that require surgery for quite some time!