Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rachel and the Dinosaur

Next month I will be teaching a dinosaur drawing workshop at the Creation Museum. To help promote the event, I Photoshopped together a photo of me and one of my dinosaur drawings. The drawing was one I produced a number of years ago for Answers in Genesis. The photo of me was not taken for purposes of promoting anything. It was taken a couple of summers ago at Lake Ellen camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I spoke there for a week during that summer and a cousin on my wife's side of the family (but also dear friends of mine) named, Rachel Helwig, came to visit me and saw me speak on one of the nights at the camp. The photo happened to work out very well for use with the dinosaur. So, in Photoshop, I preformed a "Rachel-ectomy" and replaced her with a smiley Trex. Sorry Rachel!

I'll be speaking at the same camp again this summer, so, Rachel, please come and visit me again. Maybe this time around I'll remove myself from the photo and have you posing with the dinosaur!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Debut in an Answers in Genesis DVD!

After years and years of my artwork being featured in Answers in Genesis talks, videos and DVDs, I finally have my chance to shine in one of the newest AiG DVDs by Carl Kerby titled, "Genesis: Today's Answer to Racism". I was in the audience the day that this talk was video taped and I am prominantly shown in one particular shot. Some of the AiG staff previewed this DVD in a morning meeting and ALL burst out laughing when they saw my face appear on screen. Take a look for yourself and see why! It's not how I imagined my first appearance in a DVD would be, but if it helps people understand genetics and the Bible better, OK. :-)

In this section of Carl's talk, he's answering the question of "where did Cain get his wife?" I'd encourage you to buy this DVD to get the answer to that question and to hear the rest of this powerful message. However, if you want the answer to that question NOW, you can find it here.

This video clip is posted here by permission of Answers in Genesis.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

"Easter" Cartoons - Part 3

This illustration is another assignment from my art school days. It's one of my favorite concepts from way back then (around 1986) because it takes a shot at Santa and the Easter Bunny all in one image. My view is that both of these holiday characters are the same character. He just morphs according to the time of year to distract as many as he can from the real meaning of each holiday. The art never really was finished all the way and I've wanted to redo it for many years. Some day I'll get around to it. Until then, enjoy!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Easter" Cartoons - Part 2

As mentioned in my previous post, I would often direct my assignments in art school in a biblical direction. During the critique portion of the class, my classmates would then comment on my assignment and hopefully tell me the message I'd attempted to communicate in it. This sample assignment is one of those "what's wrong with this picture" pieces as it's purposefully unbiblical and my classmates had to tell me why it was that way. It was interesting hearing them explain, in class, the real meaning of Easter.

Click here for the biblical basis for this illustration.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

"Easter" cartoons

One of my favorite topics for cartoons is one of the most serious topics of all. That topic is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Starting back in art school, each Easter time I would do at least one illustration that contained some kind of editorial comment on this important Christian holiday. Part of the process of art assignments for art school was to place the piece for a class up on the chalkboard for a critique by the entire class. So the class had to tell me what I was saying with a given piece! Many times they had to tell me the Gospel message!

In the coming days I'll post some of those art school assignments.
For today, here's my most recent cartoon comment on the resurrection and what our culture has done to its remembrance.