Saturday, June 21, 2008

I feel the need for WIRELESS speed!

Going to garage sales is an activity that I was brought up with and educated in from an early age.
At first, it was a bother because there were so many other fun things I could be doing such as climbing trees, catching snakes or riding my bike. But somewhere along the line, "garage saling" caught on and has become something I look forward to doing as often as I am able. I refer to it as a way to live beyond your means. Over the years I've allowed others to pay full price for a new item from the store and later when they're done with it, I help them get rid of it at garage sale prices. And I often even talk the seller down to an even lower price. I've certainly picked up my share of junk, but I also have a long list of aquired treasures that amazes me. The latest is a wireless router purchased today at a garage sale for $3.00. Purchased new, this router costs around $80. If you can find a used unit, I've seen prices for it around $30 to $50. It came with everything needed to get it up and running and I am now blogging wirelessly as my lovely bride checks her email on her computer at the same time! Our new high speed web access was great when we had to share it one person at a time. Now it's so much better. What a blessing! If only I could've gotten our high speed web access at garage sale prices too!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Then and now - now and then

One of the things I appreciate about the internet is how easy it can be to find people you have lost communication with through time, distance and the course of life. Because of my personal web site as well as cartoons and articles on the web for Answers in Genesis, I have been the fortunate and thankful one to be found by people I've known in years past. Just last week I received an email from a middle school girl that used to practically live at the roller rink I worked at in Marquette, Michigan. Of course now she's no longer the little girl she used to be and it's been fun to catch up and learn what's happened in her life from then until now. Thanks for finding me Pam!

There's an interesting dynamic that takes place when you see someone in person or in photos that you haven't seen in 20 or so years. You remember them as they were back then and they remember you (if they remember you at all) as you were then too. The discovery is either what time has done FOR them or TO them, and the same applies to you from their point of view. I remember going to my 20th class reunion a number of years ago and seeing the look on peoples faces when they read my name tag and looked at me. I obviously fell into the "what time has done TO me" category.

So for the readers of my blog, I share with you a look at what these people from my past saw then and see now.
Time has made a change! I'm thankful that this world is not all there is, and for the hope of an eternity far better that anything experienced in this now fallen world.

" I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life". 1 John 5:13