Monday, March 31, 2008

My New Macbook Pro

My new Macbook Pro

It's finally here! My new Macbook Pro has arrived. This is the mean machine upgrade I've literally waited for for years.
My old Powerbook was very old and very used. It's so old that the new machine is almost intimidating with all the new features. Here are just a few:

• Everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) is faster. YEEEHAW!!!
• The Harddrive is more than double the capacity of my old harddrive ... and faster.
• The keyboard automatically lights up in low light situations.
• Screen is L.E.D. illuminated. Very bright and beautiful.
• Power cord is held in magnetically so if someone trips over it the end pops out of the computer instead of the computer being dragged down to the floor.
• Leopard (the new MAC OS) is wonderful and full of new features.

So with all the power and potential to create, what's the best thing I've done so far
with this new machine? See attached photo above.

The new Macbooks have a built-in webcam, plus a fun program called Photo Booth. It's great for father/daughter bonding time! Hannah loves it.

One possible flaw in my new Macbook is that It's not liquid-proof, so certain computer-hydrating friends of mine will have to remain at a distance while holding beverages.

I love my new MAC!