Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Art School days

Google Alerts as mentioned in my last post, has produced some very interesting finds on the internet. One of these finds came to my attention a few weeks ago as I was sent an alert telling me that my name had been used on the following web page:


As it turned out, this was a blog page from a guy that I knew back in my first year at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. I've had hardly any contact with fellow JKS attendees and grads since I completed my time at the school so it was great to catch up. And I was also reminded of quite a lot of things I'd forgotten and learned many things I didn't known. So, for those that would like a look back at my art school days through the eyes of my friend John, read his blog starting with the link above. My name pops up every once in a while along the way and there are some photos of me and many fellow JKS students. It's quite a long series of blog entries (20 or so) but John does a good job of keeping it interesting. Thanks John!

Friday, September 26, 2008


I used to Google my name on a fairly regular basis to see what was being said about me on the web. Now, however I let Google do the work for me, at least with
newest postings on the web. I do this with a tool called Google Alerts. You can find it here:


I recently found a very interesting part of my history through a Google alert. That will be the topic of my next blog entry. But until then, give Google alerts a try. You never know what or who you might find.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vacation photo

Since my last posting, we've done a few things. One of which was to travel to see family and friends in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Here's a photo that a nice lady offered to take with my camera in exchange for my returning the favor with her camera. I'm glad she offered as it's nice to actually have at least one photo of me with my family instead of just pics of my family. The camera guy is rarely in the picture. And this turned out to be a very nice family pic. Thanks kind lady!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I feel the need for WIRELESS speed!

Going to garage sales is an activity that I was brought up with and educated in from an early age.
At first, it was a bother because there were so many other fun things I could be doing such as climbing trees, catching snakes or riding my bike. But somewhere along the line, "garage saling" caught on and has become something I look forward to doing as often as I am able. I refer to it as a way to live beyond your means. Over the years I've allowed others to pay full price for a new item from the store and later when they're done with it, I help them get rid of it at garage sale prices. And I often even talk the seller down to an even lower price. I've certainly picked up my share of junk, but I also have a long list of aquired treasures that amazes me. The latest is a wireless router purchased today at a garage sale for $3.00. Purchased new, this router costs around $80. If you can find a used unit, I've seen prices for it around $30 to $50. It came with everything needed to get it up and running and I am now blogging wirelessly as my lovely bride checks her email on her computer at the same time! Our new high speed web access was great when we had to share it one person at a time. Now it's so much better. What a blessing! If only I could've gotten our high speed web access at garage sale prices too!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Then and now - now and then

One of the things I appreciate about the internet is how easy it can be to find people you have lost communication with through time, distance and the course of life. Because of my personal web site as well as cartoons and articles on the web for Answers in Genesis, I have been the fortunate and thankful one to be found by people I've known in years past. Just last week I received an email from a middle school girl that used to practically live at the roller rink I worked at in Marquette, Michigan. Of course now she's no longer the little girl she used to be and it's been fun to catch up and learn what's happened in her life from then until now. Thanks for finding me Pam!

There's an interesting dynamic that takes place when you see someone in person or in photos that you haven't seen in 20 or so years. You remember them as they were back then and they remember you (if they remember you at all) as you were then too. The discovery is either what time has done FOR them or TO them, and the same applies to you from their point of view. I remember going to my 20th class reunion a number of years ago and seeing the look on peoples faces when they read my name tag and looked at me. I obviously fell into the "what time has done TO me" category.

So for the readers of my blog, I share with you a look at what these people from my past saw then and see now.
Time has made a change! I'm thankful that this world is not all there is, and for the hope of an eternity far better that anything experienced in this now fallen world.

" I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life". 1 John 5:13

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fresh from the digital drawing board

One of the most enjoyable things of late has been surfing through my growing collection of artist blog links. One of the ways freelance artists are promoting themselves these days is by creating a web presence for themselves and blogging is an important part of the picture. The illustration information on these sites ranges from funny details of the artist's day to sharing illustration and digital painting techniques as well as showing off their latest projects. I'm addicted.

So in the spirit of artistic sharing, here's a sneak peak at a project I'm currently working on in the evenings. It's a children's book written by one of the Answers in Genesis speakers. This is a section of the book cover in development. More art will be posted in future days.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Speed has arrived!

Patience for speed seems to be contradictory, but it
sums up our wait for high-speed internet access.
Here it is, May 2008 and we finally have web access
faster than dial-up. Now the next step will be wireless
access. Given how long it took to get high-speed, wireless
should be added by the time Hannah is driving. Well, maybe
not that long, or will it ...?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I feel the need for SPEED!

According to a recent commercial, my family is technologically living in the "stone age".
We are dial-up people ... until tomorrow, I hope. We are going to give the world of ZOOMTOWN a try.
No longer will the phoneline be busy because someone (me) is online. No more will Marcia
have to endure wondering who's trying to call us while I'm tying up the phoneline. No longer will
Hannah ... well, let's just say that one was headed off at the pass.

Tomorrow, the UPS should be delivering a new DSL modem and the Lietha's will be living the fast web life.

Monday, March 31, 2008

My New Macbook Pro

My new Macbook Pro

It's finally here! My new Macbook Pro has arrived. This is the mean machine upgrade I've literally waited for for years.
My old Powerbook was very old and very used. It's so old that the new machine is almost intimidating with all the new features. Here are just a few:

• Everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) is faster. YEEEHAW!!!
• The Harddrive is more than double the capacity of my old harddrive ... and faster.
• The keyboard automatically lights up in low light situations.
• Screen is L.E.D. illuminated. Very bright and beautiful.
• Power cord is held in magnetically so if someone trips over it the end pops out of the computer instead of the computer being dragged down to the floor.
• Leopard (the new MAC OS) is wonderful and full of new features.

So with all the power and potential to create, what's the best thing I've done so far
with this new machine? See attached photo above.

The new Macbooks have a built-in webcam, plus a fun program called Photo Booth. It's great for father/daughter bonding time! Hannah loves it.

One possible flaw in my new Macbook is that It's not liquid-proof, so certain computer-hydrating friends of mine will have to remain at a distance while holding beverages.

I love my new MAC!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Smokin' MAD!

I really don't want to begin this brand new, fairly unsullied year
with a rant, but our meal tonight at an unnamed Northern Kentucky
restaurant gives me more fuel for a particular fire (pun intended)
and this topic has been something I've wanted to comment on for
quite a few years.

Tonight was one of those, I'm too tired to cook" times for my wife,
so we picked an alternate option for our evening sustenance.
Upon arrival at the eating establishment to which we had a
two-for-one coupon (the deciding factor), we were greeted with
that oh so familiar question, posed to ascertain our air quality preference.
"Smoking or no-smoking?"
In years past I've learned that if you just say "no smoking, please",
that leaves the option open for them to seat you as close as
humanly possible to the smoking area, and still have met your
"no smoking" request. This is what happened to us tonight.

To me the concept of a no smoking area is a joke in most cases
because smoke has no idea it doesn't belong on my
"no smoking" side of the restaurant. I often liken the situation of
smoking and no smoking areas to a fireplace and a chimney.
The fireplace is where the smoke is made, and the chimney is
where it goes. Unless the restaurant is separated into two walled-off
rooms, the person greeting you may as well ask, "fireplace or chimney?"

So, to help the person who is about to seat us, I often try to kindly
insert a clarification like, "give us the cleanest air you've got please".
Sometimes this very clear and specific request is granted with a
favorable spot a good distance away from the smoking area. However,
far too many times, I have been seated very close to the
smoking area, if not right next to it when there have been plenty of tables
open well away from the smoking area!
One time this happened to me was late at night and I was the only one
in the entire place. Upon entering I made my preference for clean air known
in a nice way and was led to a booth connected to a booth IN the
smoking area. THEN a few minutes later, a second person arrived
in the restaurant, a smoker in fact, and this person was seated in the booth
connected to mine.

This happens to me enough that I'm beginning to think there is some kind
of conspiracy going on. Do the greet and seat people have a goal to rid
the world of people like me by killing us off with second-hand smoke?
Maybe it's a power thing and they love to see me ask to be moved to
where I should have been seated in the first place. It amazes and frustrates me
every time.

My purpose in posting this on my blog, is to ask has this happened to you?
How often? How did you respond? I'd really like to hear about it.

Anyway, Happy *COUGH* New Year!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

To all the Bloggers that posted "Happy New Year" AFTER January 1, I salute you!
Procrastinate into the new year and I will do the same!