Friday, February 09, 2007

Christian cartoon web site

Having web sites that promote Christian cartoons is a benefit and a blessing. One of my favorite web sites that does just that and includes my After Eden cartoons in their selection is:
My friend Marty has selflessly run this web site as well as created a special web
family for the cartoonists who's cartoons are included on this site. I would encourage you to bookmark this site and check it out each week!


Anonymous said...

hello everyone
my opinion regarding this topic, marty done a great work, and thanks from my side. It is the easiest way to reach all cristians community all around world.

Jackwatsan said...

your website Christian Cartoons (dot) Com is very lot of cartoons giving childrens are very help ful to enjoy this website i felt so happy about yor website.

Deanna said...

Great work.